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Shelley was the director of client services for United from 2011-2020.  She effectively managed both client services and the inner workings of the United office staff, during the period in which United experienced enormous growth in the marketplace. It is safe to say that United owes much of its stability today to the work and commitment of Shelley during the past decade.  Shelley left United this year to pursue her creative and artistic dreams.  Her influence is a daily factor in how we do business even today.

Thank you Shelley.



Although best known for his professional career at Peacock Sheridan Group, Grant was the unofficial investment advisor and friend of United.  He was a very valuable resource in a wide variety of areas and always had the answers we were looking for.  Grant passed away in 2018 but his contributions to both his community and United are still being felt today.  he is painfully missed by all of us.



Steve is a former investment banker who moved to Kelowna from Toronto. He is best known for being a hockey coach both for the Penticton V’s of the BCHL and locally for the Kelowna Minor Hockey Association.  He has and continues to be a valuable asset in the financial plan of United Landscapes.  His knowledge and subsequent advice has been invaluable for the growth of United.  He has provided a wide wealth of financial advice based on his experience and is one of the main reasons for United’s growth and stature at the present time. 

Thank you Steve.



Kim is a project manager for Rykon Construction Management and has always been a friend/advisor for United Landscapes.  He was responsible for United’s first large project and has supported and believed in United Landscapes from the very beginning.  Consultation with Kim has always been relied upon by the management of United and continues to this day.  Thank you Kim for your encouragement and guidance.

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